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"Every once in a while, though, something completely different comes along… it's compelling, interesting, and most importantly, original." - Reviewer Number 9

Fringe Theatre for times of Living Inside.

We Live Inside One Another is an original thriller written for YouTube. The show, filmed in locations around Birmingham, is created by independent fringe theatre playwrights Andrew Lake and Ray Stafford. This series explores themes of isolation and companionship in the face of a global pandemic. New episodes are released every week at:

Spring, 2020. The loneliness is getting to Adam. John’s been lonely all his life. A story about coronavirus, kidnapping, and trains."

We Live Inside One Another introduces Adam (Andrew Lake): a young, slightly unhinged armchair-philosopher, as well as lonely train enthusiast John (Ray Stafford), and true-crime blogger Jules. What initially appears to be a strange anthology series gives way to something darker as we realise that these characters have more in common than they realise.

Yellow Mug Theatre Company has reinvented itself in response to the cancellation of their 2020 Edinburgh Fringe run. We Live Inside began with the idea to create a piece of fringe theatre to be streamed online.

According to co-writer Andrew Lake;
“We don’t know if anything quite like this has ever been done before. This is a show that not only exists as a piece of streamed theatre, but that is also about the new wave of lockdown-inspired fringe shows. Our biggest hope is that it can prove what is possible for a small, independent company, even during extreme circumstances such as this.”

We Live Inside One Another is an ongoing series, with new episodes released every Thursday. Watch the trailer now:

Cast / Creatives

Andrew Lake: "Adam Norwich" / Co-writer
Ray Stafford: "JohnTrains" / Co-writer
Emma Cooper: "Kitty"
???: "Jules"

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